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Re: Problems with pgp and gpg

On Mon, Mar 01, 1999 at 09:07:00PM +0000, Edward Betts wrote:

> > When I try to make my own .deb packages, using 'build -rfakeroot', the script
> hang on, build?
> isnt that from the old devscripts, get the latest version, it was renamed
> debuild to prevent name space pollution.

Uh?! I've got devscripts-1.8.1 installed, and yeah, that's where from build
came from. 

debuild? Never heard, and don't have that. Maybe you're talking about dbuild?
But that (at least what I've read) is to build the source tree from the .dsc
file. Am I wrong?

Or are you talking about dpkg-buildpackage? I don't know any more ways to
build a package, but I'm always ready to learn :-)

Pedro Guerreiro
Diplomacy: the art of letting someone have your own way.

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