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Re: Intent to package BUGS

	Check out the packages 'bugsx' , which may be the same thing.
It is in slink .

John Travers <travs@netscape.net> writes:

> I wish to package BUGS. Below is an extract from the README: 
> "BUGS (Better to Use Genetic Systems) is an interactive program 
> for demonstrating the Genetic Algorithm and is written in the 
> spirit of Richard Dawkins' celebrated Blind Watchmaker 
> software.  The user can play god (or `GA fitness function,' more 
> accurately) and try to evolve lifelike organisms (curves).  Playing 
> with BUGS is an easy way to get an understanding of how and why 
> the GA works.  In addition to demonstrating the basic genetic 
> operators (selection, crossover, and mutation), it allows users to 
> easily see and understand phenomena such as genetic drift and 
> premature convergence." 
> Regards, 
> John Travers 
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