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Re: de-symlinking the archive

> Once again, Brian, you have greatly exceeded your authority by making
> drastic changes to the ftp archive.  And once again, you have caused
> great damage in the process.

And once again, I had to do it because you didn't.  If you ever did
what you were supposed to do, I wouldn't be forced into covering for
your lack of action.

You were supposed to take care of those symlinks TWO MONTHS AGO,
but just couldn't be bothered.  When I told you last weekend that
it had to be done before stabalization on Wednesday, you just
quietly ignored me -- you're favorite tactic and excuse.  Now
I've been forced to take action by your inaction and you make me
out as the bad guy.

> There was no technical reason for removing all the symlinks, but
> that's not really the point.

Yes, there is.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong with
a distribution.  The idea of a "freeze" is to work them all out.
When it comes time to release we should just have change the
stable symlink, and that's all.  This, we DID talk about previously.

> Just as we respect your decision on which packages to install into
> stable, you must respect our decision on how to administer the
> archive.  You have twice shown yourself incapable of that simple
> courtesy.
> You do not have my permission to touch the ftp archive.  Apparently I
> must enforce that by removing you from the debadmin group.

Don't you dare talk to me about courtesy and respect!  You tell me to my
face, "yeah, we'll do that" and then never do it.  Every release I have
to continually pester you to get anything done.

Fine.  Take over the the release management, too.  I quit.  Some people
used to tell me, "I know they're a pain in the ass, but the cause is
worth it."  I no longer believe it.  You guys just aren't worth the

                                  ( bcwhite@pobox.com )

      Management should work for the engineers, not the other way around.

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