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Re: de-symlinking the archive

Brian White <bcwhite@pobox.com> writes:

> > Once again, Brian, you have greatly exceeded your authority by making
> > drastic changes to the ftp archive.  And once again, you have caused
> > great damage in the process.
> And once again, I had to do it because you didn't.  If you ever did
> what you were supposed to do, I wouldn't be forced into covering for
> your lack of action.

I think this is a good point.  While of course we realize that
ftpmaster is a heavy job, still it is not unusual to find tasks that
take a significant amount of time to be completed or e-mail that is
dropped.  I believe I saw old bugs in ftp.debian.org in the
release-critical buglist for quite some time (maybe still).

> > There was no technical reason for removing all the symlinks, but
> > that's not really the point.
> Yes, there is.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong with


> a distribution.  The idea of a "freeze" is to work them all out.
> When it comes time to release we should just have change the
> stable symlink, and that's all.  This, we DID talk about previously.
> Fine.  Take over the the release management, too.  I quit.  Some people
> used to tell me, "I know they're a pain in the ass, but the cause is
> worth it."  I no longer believe it.  You guys just aren't worth the
> trouble.

Please don't just quit.  Simply because one other person is being
nasty does not mean that the majority, or even a significant minority,
of Debian developers feel likewise.

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