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Re: de-symlinking the archive

Brian White <bcwhite@pobox.com> writes:

> You were supposed to take care of those symlinks TWO MONTHS AGO,
> but just couldn't be bothered. 

Eh?  Hardly.  They weren't taken care of because there's no reason to
`take care' of them and because doing so fux0rs the mirrors in the
> > There was no technical reason for removing all the symlinks, but
> > that's not really the point.
> Yes, there is.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong with
> a distribution.  The idea of a "freeze" is to work them all out.
> When it comes time to release we should just have change the
> stable symlink, and that's all.  This, we DID talk about previously.

That's *NOT* all that needs done.  As we DID talk about previously.  I
refer you to <87btiov2i7.fsf@nocrew.org>. 

Ignoring that for the moment, that's completely irrelevant to removing
the symlinks.  If they're there or not, (and if your assumption was
valid, which it isn't), you could just change the stable symlink.

Guy told you in email that he wasn't going to desymlinkize stuff in
sid (for alpha && sparc) till potato was released and you said `That's
fine'.  I also told you that I could help you contact Guy in an
emergency, if you needed to.  Instead you chose to ignore that, and
just go ahead and make ill advised changes to the archive off your own

(Incidentally, the only one portraying you as a bad guy is yourself by
dragging this little squabble on to devel.)

[1] And it does fux0r them as anyone can tell by the state the mirrors
were in when I mistakenly `took care' of the alpha sid symlinks.


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