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Re: Orcas are homosexual!


Ship's Log, Lt. Andreas Tille, Stardate 250299.1638:
> On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Drake Diedrich wrote:
> >    Benner isn't entitled to a say.
> > send.  And maybe the Benner's will switch to a less controversial
> > distribution.

I am sorry ??
Have I done you anything?

> Even if he would be he could relay on the topic of the thread...

Have I started the thread? Have I been the first to discuss this topic?
Is discussing offtopic only valid  if I aquire your worldview?

Puzzled greetings
Alexander N. Benner  -  The Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper:  -3-

A Promise Keeper is committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical,
and sexual purity.

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