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Re: Orcas are homosexual!

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Alexander N. Benner wrote:

> > Even if he would be he could relay on the topic of the thread...
> Have I started the thread?
> Have I been the first to discuss this topic?
No, but I was the first who tried to end it and you can be sure, that
I will not give any more comment than this to this OFF-topic stuff,
if the discussion is far away from leading to a Debian logo.

> Is discussing offtopic only valid  if I aquire your worldview?
Despite the fact that you didn't fit my view of world you was just
the last in my mailbox who discussed OFF-Topic under this thread.
It doesn't depend from *my* view of world, if I try to stop this
discussions.  I want to save my time and I'm bothered my such
non debian related topics in my mailbox.  I'd suggest to continue
under a "talk" newsgroup.

The mailing list works very well because nobody fights against another
member under political terms.  Please accept that and I want to
address this beg also to the people who discussed the topic with
you.  Again it is no question of world view, except you understand
the Debian idea as view of the world.


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