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Re: [Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org>] Re: Debian & BSD concerns

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@debian.org> wrote:

> On the contrary.  We aren't using their userspace so their userspace
> wouldn't benefit from our work much.  Their kernel would.

Please note that changes tainted with the GPL would probably not be
accepted back into the kernel. From the BSD point of view, GPLed code is
*not free*.

> I'd need HD space and a cdrom first, but I'm working on getting both so
> that I can actually play with it.  I could care less about block cursor
> as long as it don't blink, that would bug me.  =>

Both FreeBSD console drivers (syscons and pcvt) allow the cursor shape
to be specified. For new users, add


to your /etc/rc.conf to get an underline type of cursor.

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