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Re: Orcas are homosexual!


Ship's Log, Lt. Craig Sanders, Stardate 250299.0932:
> homosexuality (more precisely, bisexuality) is normal for nearly all
> mammals (including humans).

Depends what you meen with "normal".
It exists among humans, but it'a an abnormal way which does not represent
human behaviour.

> humans are the only mammals which persecute this behaviour.

Do you meen that humans are similar to mamals or that they actually would be
an animal?
/me is no animal but a human.

> btw, incest and homosexuality are hardly in the same class. incest is
> the rape of a child by an adult who is supposed to be looking out for
> their welfare. homosexuality is a private matter between two or more
> consenting adults.

Not necesarely. While the first part is perfectly true, the 2nd part is not.
Homosexuality is by far not practised in secret among males but shown publicly
and therefor it is enforced on children to think it would be normal.
But even if it were secret. Humanity is a society, noone lives allone on this

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