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Re: Best of the logo *ideas* so far

Andreas Tille <tille@physik.uni-halle.de> writes:

	Maybe  it got lost in the noise,
	but I posted a couple of links to very nice orca drawings that
are used at sites dedicated to protecting orcas.  If you search for
'orca' you'll find them again.   Maybe we can cut a deal and  get one
of these  designed in exchange for  links to orca preservation pages.
The gnome project linked to a bonobo preservation page once.
	btw. These pages tend to downplay questions of the diet of the
orca and concentrate onmore interesting things like the fact that orcas
retain a relationship with their mothers throughout their lives. Reminds
me of the Vonnegut novel in which humans evolve into marine mammals who 
forget their mothers....

> On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Anselm Lingnau wrote:
> > I imagine a cute, fluffy orca toy could be quite cuddly. In fact, if
> > this goes through I want one to put near my Tux.
> By the way, I wrote tigert a letter to let him think about the orca
> idea and possibly support us with his artifical skills.  I really
> wonder if we could come to a clue to give the gimp contest members
> a recommendation to draw this or that.  In my opinion it is the
> best way to a good logo.
> Kind regards
>       Andreas.
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