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Re: Debian GNU/Unix replaces Debian GNU/Linux

> But there is no need for that.
> The name of the project is "Debian".
> The name of the Linux distribution made by Debian is "Debian GNU/Linux".
> The name of the Hurd distribution made by Debian will probably (?) be
> "Debian GNU/Hurd".
> Another distribution would have its own name, too.

I like it. that way you always know the kernel you are running, but it's
still "Debian GNU/<Kernel>". If you want every detail, please use
"Debian GNU/<Kernel>[ architecture]".

I don't like "Debian GNU/Unix" :
 - GNU is not Unix. Debian doesn't violate this.
 - UNIX is a trademark ?
 - UNIX is a spec (UNIX95, UNIX98), and it costs too
   much money to test Debian for this spec (and will require some work).
 - Every CD Cover etc. needs to print "Linux", "Hurd", or "Freebsd" .. anyway.
   same for the architecture.
 - Linux is a well known name, good for marketing. 


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