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Re: Debian GNU/Unix replaces Debian GNU/Linux

> > But there is no need for that.
> > 
> > The name of the project is "Debian".
> > The name of the Linux distribution made by Debian is "Debian GNU/Linux".
> > The name of the Hurd distribution made by Debian will probably (?) be
> > "Debian GNU/Hurd".
> > Another distribution would have its own name, too.
But it will be only one distribution.
You could install several kernels and choose one of them at boot time.

Probably "potato" will have separate distributions, "Debian GNU/Linux" and
"Debian GNU/Hurd", but the future should be to integrate all the
distributions of one architecture into only one distribution.

> I like it. that way you always know the kernel you are running, but it's
> still "Debian GNU/<Kernel>". If you want every detail, please use
> "Debian GNU/<Kernel>[ architecture]".
> I don't like "Debian GNU/Unix" :
>  - GNU is not Unix. Debian doesn't violate this.
>  - UNIX is a trademark ?
>  - UNIX is a spec (UNIX95, UNIX98), and it costs too
>    much money to test Debian for this spec (and will require some work).
>  - Every CD Cover etc. needs to print "Linux", "Hurd", or "Freebsd" .. anyway.
>    same for the architecture.
>  - Linux is a well known name, good for marketing. 
> Andreas

Gordon already suggested "Debian GNU", which is (in my opinion) the right
name. This solves points 1, 2 and 3.

I don't think the last two points are good arguments.

Just a Debian user

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