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Debian's Bug Tracking Software

I've put together a "debbugs" package based on Ian's debbugs taht is run
by Debian as it's bug tracker.

If you would like to try it out, I've put it on the web here:


I'm currently up to debian version -4.  Please give it a try and feed
comments back.

However, in deb-izing, I converted all of the m4 scripts into perl 
variables.  Maybe it's changed enough that I should have forked it 
instead of calling it debbugs.  I'm no expert at that but since we're
still in a test phase, I'll leave it and wait for feed back.

I have further plans for this version such as variables to allow a little
more customization of the web pages (such as a body tag) and variables for
words "bug" and "bugs" for people who want "tickets" and "incidents".

- Darren

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