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Re: Proposal: dh_install - a new debhelper

On Mit, 24 Feb 1999, Remco van de Meent wrote:
>Norbert Nemec wrote:
>> My idea: Why not have one additional debhelper "dh_install" that reads a
>> file debian/install (or debian/<package>.install if multibinary) that
>> contain all the information needed to copy files from the source-tree into
>> the debian/tmp tree in a comfortable, debian-style manner? Of would
>> provide everything install or cp do, like pattern matching, recursive
>> directories, file modes/owners, on the fly gzipping and much more.
>How would you ever give a list of files that need to be installed in a given
>directory (maybe with asterixes etc), in a shorter way than you can give as
>arguments to cp/install/mv ? Wouldn't every line in a debian/package.install
>file 'match' with a line in Makefile and/or debian/rules ? I think so,
>personally. Maybe I got something wrong?

I actually do not know about the "shorter", but than it is *not* my intention
to code as short as possible but rather as readable and easy to maintain as

Again, the situation is: I have to copy a huge bunch of files out of one tree
into another tree. In some situations, I have to copy single files into
distinct directories, in some I have to rename files, then there are subtrees
that go completly to one other place in the new tree. And at the last, there
are cases, where I basically want to copy a whole tree but exclude certain
parts like all the Makefiles and one special subdirectory.

Of course you could do all that with install and cp, and probably, you could do
it in just a few lines using all kinds of pattern matching, shell variables and
stuff like that. But just let that read someone else or only try to read it
yourself some time later! Maybe most maintainers son´t have this situation,
because either ther package is simple or they have their nice "make install"
right from upstream, which they just have to modify. Sather is neither of
these. Of course by now I have fiddled around enough to have it do the right
thing, but it was exactly while doing this, when I had the idea I stated.

Guess, I´ll just try to shape my idea up to present it completely :-)


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