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Re: Proposal: dh_install - a new debhelper

Norbert Nemec wrote:
> My idea: Why not have one additional debhelper "dh_install" that reads a
> file debian/install (or debian/<package>.install if multibinary) that
> contain all the information needed to copy files from the source-tree into
> the debian/tmp tree in a comfortable, debian-style manner? Of would
> provide everything install or cp do, like pattern matching, recursive
> directories, file modes/owners, on the fly gzipping and much more.

How would you ever give a list of files that need to be installed in a given
directory (maybe with asterixes etc), in a shorter way than you can give as
arguments to cp/install/mv ? Wouldn't every line in a debian/package.install
file 'match' with a line in Makefile and/or debian/rules ? I think so,
personally. Maybe I got something wrong?


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