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Re: soliciting opinions about potential new cron/at features.

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> writes:

> No, if the user has a crontab, try to run .cron.d/ scripts.  This
> should be a fairly cheap setup.  Or even have a --user-has-crond
> (like your -e).  The user never has to know this exists, GnuCash or
> whatever can be in complete control.  Just like Debian users are not
> aware of the /etc/cron.d -- until the need to know.  Scripts handle
> everything.

This seems essentially the same as my proposal, except that I think
the files should be put in /var/spool/cron/somewhere, and they should
be managed with the existing crontab mechanism.

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu> PGP=E80E0D04F521A094 532B97F5D64E3930

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