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Re: Debian GNU/FreeBSD

>>>>> amk7763  writes:

 a> Hi, After that whole FreeBSD thing, I was left wondering. If
 a> commercial companies can take the BSD licensed code and sell it
 a> under a commercial license, what is to prevent us from taking the
 a> FreeBSD kernel and distribute it under a GPLish license?

They can't, and neither can we.  The BSD license prevents either of us
from putting their code under the license of our choice.  We can,
however, write GPLed extensions to a BSD kernel, but I think that
there is very little reason to do that, unless we want to watch John
Dyson flip out.

It is not selling BSD-licensed code that the discussion is about, it's
selling the binaries that are made from that code.  The GPL makes it
illegal for you to distribute binaries unless you also provide
sources.  BSD makes it legal, but you have to provide credit.

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