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Re: Article (almost finished) introducing Debian 2.1 aka Slink

Stephen Zander wrote:
  >As a meta-comment on Daniel's recommendations for the exchange of
  >commas for semi-colons or periods in a number of places, I'd suggest
  >periods in preference to semi-colons.  While they nominally perform
  >the same role, shorter sentences will increase reading ease.
  >Especially as you're using commas to sepereate logically related
  >phrases.  according to my style guides, semi-colons are for more
  >abrupt changes in prose flow; things about cats or dogs or butterflies

Use semi-colons where the ideas in successive sentences are closely
related; using full stops (periods) in such cases can make the writing
feel very abrupt or disjointed.  Nonetheless, you should always avoid
making sentences too long, since, as Stephen says, this will also make a
piece more difficult to read.

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