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Suggestion about wnpp

These days I had a thought about wnpp. What would you think of
splitting "software that should be packaged" off from wnpp and
to a separate document, which could be maintained by a group of

Rationale: the core of wnpp needs to be maintained by one kind
of person: someone who is well involved with the Debian
developer community (the current wnpp editor is great for that).
This hipotetical "desired packages task list" needs to be
maintained by other kind of person: someone who is addicted to
surfing the web and reading freshmeat, slashdot, linuxtoday and
co., and if possible be maintained by _more_ than one person (to
avoid both stagnation and being partial). The wnpp editor should
also have "write permission" to this list, to remove taken

The current "software that should be packaged" list is very
poor, because few people submit software to it _and_ the wnpp
editor is very busy with more important things. Also, if it grew
to the size it should (IMO) have, the wnpp document would become
unreasonably huge (it already is much above the size you'd

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