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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

In article <[🔎] 19990218103519.B6643@finlandia.artis.uni-oldenburg.de>, 
Martin Schulze wrote:

>There is a simple reason: variety.  I would be very proud if we would
>also build Debian GNU/FreeBSD.  If there are people who want to work
>on this, I would be glad to welcome them.

I would prefer a Debian GNU/BSD, not explicitly FreeBSD only. Reason? Most of
my machines are not using Intel CPUs, so I wouldn't gain anything by it. And
it should be quite easy to plug in the NetBSD or OpenBSD kernel and tools in
a system that's built to use the FreeBSD ones.

It definitely would be fun to have those different kernels available. Even an
MkLinux might be interesting, although there is already the Hurd. LinuxPPC
does a similar thing, they distribute both the LinuxPPC and the MkLinux-kernel
and you can interchange the kernels as you wish, since both "variants" use the
same infrastructure, packaging system etc. It would be nice if Debian could
give the same thing.

bye, Georg


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