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Re: sudo and cracklib

On 20 Feb 1999, Mark W. Eichin wrote:

> > Your not correct here.  In /etc/cracklib/cracklib.conf you can
> > specify files of word lists.  I've defined a default set that
> Then perhaps the update mechanism needs to use a makefile, or the
> equivalent, to only update the things that change.  It certainly makes
> no sense to update cracklib more often than *anyone* changes their
> password... and I use a system that takes 1/4 *day* to run all the
> find jobs as it is (486/40 with 12G of disk, and only a half dozen
> users); additional gratuitous load is unappreciated and wrong.

Good suggestion.  But I'm not sure the checks to see if the files have
been updated wouldn't be longer than simply regenerating the
dictionaries.  The algorithm is very fast.

I'll investigate.

Jean Pierre

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