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Re: AIC7xxx driver in kernel-image-2.0.36 (slink, i386)?

On Sat, Feb 20, 1999 at 12:27:25AM -0500, David Huggins-Daines wrote:

> In the course of installing RedHat 5.2 (don't ask...) on one of our boxes
> here, I noticed that the default 2.0.36 that ships with it has an Adaptec
> driver that is *very* broken on our particular revision of the AIC7880
> chip.

Exact same problem and exact same situation here.  The card is a AIC718x or
AIC781x.  For some reason or another, RH 5.2 was going to be installed
there, and it said the card was some sort of 29xx.  It can detect the hard
disk just fine, but it hangs with lots of timeouts while making the

Our rescue disk (2.1.7) does the same thing.  I was preparing a new rescue
set with 2.2.1ac6 on it, but I didn't really had a clue regarding what to
put on the kernel (in the last attempt, I realized I had to compile minix
support in), so it got late and I had to leave... the moron that stayed
there removed the SCSI hard disk and replaced it with an `spare' IDE one
(which, btw, _was_ hosting our new Debian mirror).  So, I didn't have the
opportunite to investigate the situation further, and as a bonus, I'm really
pissed off.

To the point... yes, I'm affraid our rescue disk does have problems with
some popular AIC7xxx cards...  which struck me as odd, because some five or
six months ago, I helped someone with the installation of hamm on a machine
with a 7880 and it went ok.

Maybe some 2.0.37pre<n> patch?


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