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AIC7xxx driver in kernel-image-2.0.36 (slink, i386)?


In the course of installing RedHat 5.2 (don't ask...) on one of our boxes
here, I noticed that the default 2.0.36 that ships with it has an Adaptec
driver that is *very* broken on our particular revision of the AIC7880

In frustration, I booted up the rescue disk from the latest slink
boot-floppies on it, with the idea that I was going to persuade them that we
should be using Debian instead.  I noticed that our 2.0.36 seems to have the
same problems as that original one from RedHat - namely, probing the SCSI
bus at startup takes forever and spews out a lot of error messages about
lost commands and timeouts.  (and, presumably, if you follow through with
the install, you'll get a lot of freezes and random SCSI bus resets due to
lost commands like I did when trying to install RedHat the first time around)

Finally, I found new install disks on RedHat's updates site, which, when I
tried them, fixed the problem completely...

Does anyone know what it is they fixed, and should we be applying the same
patch to our kernel-image-2.0.36 before releasing slink?  (I seem to
remember that there were also issues with the 2.0.34 in hamm regarding
broken AIC7880 chipsets)


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