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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:
> Put yourself in a different developer's shoes, for a moment. You've spent
> over 2 years working on a program, that you licensed under the GPL. Now
> it's stable, and everyone loves it. Now a company comes along, picks it
> up, puts their name on it, makes some modifications and improvements, and
> sells it. You wouldn't be very happy, would you?

No, I wouldn't be happy.

I'd be ectatic! Not only is my program being distributed to a wider
audience, but I now have modifications and improvements coming in to add to
it. What a wonderful thing!

> Oh, sure, you can get the code with their improvements! When you buy the
> product. And not a second sooner.

Read the GPL. Come back when you have. Until then, stop spreading FUD!
I'm not going to quote the part of the GPL to you that proves how blatently
you are wrong. I'd rather you go read the whole thing and figure it our for
yerself, perhaps then you'll stop speading misinformation about it.

see shy jo

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