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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd


On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:
> [ snip ]
>  : Right there, it says it all. You can charge all you want for GPL. Even if
>  : you aren't the author. So long as you include the license, and the source
>  : code, it's perfectly within the GPL. So the leeches can continue to leech
>  : to their accounting department's content.
> But the GPL does force you to grant others the same rights you have -
> ownership of the code.  John is saying that the BSD license doesn't
> enforce this right - vendors don't have to release their code
> improvements. 

RedHat's XBF (X Binaries Free) project. Need I say more? Actually, yes, I
probably do.

It's the same basic idea there. If RedHat wanted to improve other parts of
X, they could include it in the XBF stuff, and refuse to share it with
XFree86. Whether you like it or not, it's starting to creep into and grow
into the Linux community as well. People are taking advantage of the GPL,
or creating their own idiotic licenses. 
> Buy a binary license for BSDi and then ask to see their source code.
> They'll want to see your money first.

Ask Caldera to see their source code. They'll want to see your money
first too.

> [ I still do think Debian-packaged BSD could be cool, but there are
> obviously a lot of ancillary issues ]

Agreed, without a second thought. 

- -prj

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