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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

On Fri, Feb 19, 1999 at 03:34:57AM -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:

> Linux may not be in itself, but the hordes of mostly clueless screaming
> new Linux users we seem to have picked up in the past 6 months that
> believe people who support the FSF and Free Software are just a few
> fanatics that need to be pushed aside in the name of "progress" sure are
> opressive, and getting moreso every day.  They don't have Debian's
> commitment to Free Software, and if Slashdot is any indication of how bad
> some of these morons are, Debian is getting FLAMED for its position on
> Free Software and the DFSG!!

Then we FIGHT, and FIGHT HARD.  We do not COMPROMISE and go with a
BSD-licensed kernel of all things!  Come on, it's SO much easier for greedy
corporations to "assimilate" that than it is for them to do so with GPL'd

> Replacing one proprietary app with one free app is bad.  Replacing one
> proprietary app with half a dozen free alternatives is GOOD.  This is why
> there are about half a dozen popular window managers, not just one.

I disagree that replacing a proprieatry app with a free one is bad.  I agree
that several free ones are "better", but that doesn't automatically make the
other alternative bad.

Notice once again how I say it's good we're supporting Hurd.

> > Yes, that's probably a problem.  It's our job to educate them about  how
> > they can get all that quality software for no cost.
> No, the press is (incorrectly) doing that part for us.  It's our job to
> teach them that there is more to Free Software than cheap CDs and gratis
> downloads.  They need to know WHY Free Software is important.  They're
> not coders, they won't see it unless it's very obviously pointed out to
> them.

Uhmm, I think that's just what I said, isn't it?  How they got that software
for no cost is precisely why Free Software is important -- the software of
that quality would not exist otherwise.

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