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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for February 19, 1999

BugScan reporter <wakkerma@debian.org> wrote:

> Package: mtools (main)
> Maintainer: Mark Eichin <eichin@thok.org>
>   23923  mtools: Syntax error at line 3 column 0 in file /etc/mtools.conf: unrecognized keyword

Come on!!! This is not a bug (and I am not the maintainer of this
package). The first 3 lines of this file say:

# Example mtools.conf files.  Uncomment the lines which correspond to
# your architecture and comment out the "SAMPLE FILE" line below

All that is needed is to follow the instructions on the comment and
comment out the line that says "SAMPLE FILE".

This is ridiculous, IMHO: stop the release of a new distribution just
because someone doesn't read the instructions or because someone
thinks the line should be commented out by default!

In any case, the severity of this "bug" should be wishlist, not


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