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[prePROPOSAL] DFSG (draft 7)

I didn't get many comments on Draft #6.  Either it got lost in the noise or
we're about ready to submit the proposal to the vote system.  Please, if you
have a comment on the wording (not whether the DFSG needs to be changed... just
what you might change it to if the consesus is it does need to be changed)
email me.  If there's not a lot that needs to be looked at, we'll start the
process RSN.

- Darren
                      Debian Free Software Guidelines

                      Anthony Towns <ajt@debian.org>
                     Darren Benham <gecko@debian.org>

                   draft version 2.7.1 19 February 1999


Copyright Notice

     copyright ©1999 Anthony Towns & Darren Benham

     This document is free software; you may redistribute it verbatim in
     any format. You may modify this document and redistribute it in any
     form so long as you change the title of this document. You may use
     parts of this document for any purpose.

     This is distributed _without any warranty_; without even the implied
     warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

     This document, in it's source form, exists in DebianDoc format.



     1.        Introduction
     1.1.      Application

     2.        Freedoms
     2.1.      Use
     2.2.      Source Code
     2.3.      Modification
     2.4.      Derivation
     2.5.      Distribution
     2.6.      Termination of License

     3.        Restrictions
     3.1.      Notices of Authorship
     3.2.      Misrepresentation of Authors
     3.3.      License of Derived Works (deprecated)
     3.4.      Restrictions on charges (deprecated)
     3.5.      Availability of source code
     3.6.      Integrity of the Original Work

     4.        Exceptions

     5.        Notes
     5.1.      Deprecated
     5.2.      Non-binding Requests
     5.3.      Weaker Restrictions
     5.4.      Example Licenses


1. Introduction 

     The Debian Free Software Guidelines define what it means for software
     to be free as far as the Debian project is concerned. Software that
     follows these guidelines is termed "DFSG-free".

     These guidelines are separated into three sections: a list of freedoms
     we require of DFSG-free software and a list of restrictions on those
     freedoms that we are willing to accept. At the end, are further
     restrictions for some special forms of software.

1.1. Application

     These guidelines are intended to be applied to software in any form.
     This includes documentation, documents, graphics, scripts, binary
     executables, data, license, etc.


2. Freedoms 

2.1. Use

     Anyone must be able to use the software in any way without paying a
     fee or royalty or performing any special actions.

2.2. Source Code

     Source code must be freely available if it exists. Source code refers
     to the form used to make changes to the software.

2.3. Modification

     Anyone must be able to modify the software.

2.4. Derivation

     Anyone must be able to use parts of the software in their own work.

2.5. Distribution

     Anyone must be able to give away or sell copies of the software and
     sources without paying a fee or royalty. However, nobody can be
     required to distribute the software. This includes modified or derived

2.6. Termination of License

     The license must remain valid until the licensee terminates it or
     violates the terms of the license.


3. Restrictions 

3.1. Notices of Authorship
     The license may require the copyright, license, and any associated
     disclaimers be prominently displayed in the modified software or any
     derived software. The license may require such notices to be
     displayed: (in order of preference) 

        * wherever the modified/derived software displays copyrights

        * in the source code or documentation

        * during execution of interactive software

        * in advertising materials (deprecated)

3.2. Misrepresentation of Authors

     The license may restrict the use of names and trademarks of the
     copyright holders in association with modifications of the original

3.3. License of Derived Works (deprecated)

     The license can impose license requirements on modified and derived
     software as long as the result still meets these guidelines.

     The license can impose license restrictions on the third party
     components (such as libraries) necessary to compile the software as
     long as the restrictions are compatible with the original license.

     The license may not impose restrictions on third-party software that
     merely resides on the same system or distribution as the licensed

3.4. Restrictions on charges (deprecated)

     The license can restrict the amount charged for the software itself if
     reasonable distribution fees are allowed. It may not place
     restrictions on either fees charged for other software in a
     distribution or the cost of a distribution as a whole.

3.5. Availability of source code

     The license may require that distributors make a reasonable effort to
     provide source code of versions of the software they distribute.

3.6. Integrity of the Original Work

     The license may use any of the following methods to ensure the
     integrity of the original work:

3.6.1. Change log
     A summary of modifications made to the software may be required in: 

        * the source code of the modified software.

        * documentation accompanying the modified software.

3.6.2. Versioning and Renaming

     Modified software may be required to use a version number or name
     different from the official release.

3.6.3. Concurrent Installation (deprecated)

     Modified software may be required to be able to exist on the same
     system as the official release of the software.

3.6.4. Original source (deprecated)

     Distribution of modified software may be required to be accompanied by
     an offer to distribute the original source code.

3.6.5. Patch clause (deprecated)

     Source level modifications may be required to be distributed as the
     original source with a list of differences.


4. Exceptions

     Personal opinions, standards documents and licenses do not have to
     give permission to modify (See Modification under Freedoms).

     To be clear, this does *not* apply to works of art, documentation,
     executables, source code (put more here).

     _To go along with this, Policy would be changed to create a verbatim
     section. Into this section would go any software that makes use of
     this exception. Also, any license that is DFSG but the text of the
     license itself is not can be put into this section._


5. Notes

     This section, "Notes" is an explanation section to help clarify the
     above document. It should not contain anything that's not above and
     the document above should be able to stand on it's own without the
     "notes" section

5.1. Deprecated

     By deprecated, we mean this is allowed but discourage and disliked.
     These items may be removed in future versions. Also, software without
     deprecated clauses is recommended over software that has licenses with
     such clauses.

5.2. Non-binding Requests

     The license may make any number of non-binding requests. These should
     be clearly separated from the binding section of the license.

5.3. Weaker Restrictions

     The license have less restrictive versions of the restrictions listed

5.4. Example Licenses
     As examples, we consider the following licenses DFSG-free: 

        * the MIT/X Consortium License

        * the Artistic License

        * the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL)

        * the GNU Library General Public License v2 (LGPL)

        * the BSD License

        * the Mozilla Public License v1.0 (MPL)

        * the Q Public License v0.92 (QPL)

     _This list is a list of possibilities. Before the document would be
     released, the list would be modified to mention the licenses that
     truly do fit_


     Debian Free Software Guidelines

     Anthony Towns <ajt@debian.org>
     Darren Benham <gecko@debian.org>

     draft version 2.7.1 19 February 1999

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