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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

On Thu, Feb 18, 1999 at 03:43:21PM -0800, Jonathan Walther wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, =>Merlin<= wrote:
> > I don't see any point to this entire debate - FreeBSD is just another
> > kernel.  If people want to work on it, fine.  
> No. Its a "system".  Until there is a Linux distro out there that has a
> plausible "make world" scheme, Linux will never be as good as FreeBSD.

I think "make world" is unnecessary (as implemented in FreeBSD) for us.
We have dependencies to ensure that all packages interoperate correctly.

A "make world" to rebuild all packages might be useful (eg new architectures)
but that is entirely different to FreeBSD's system.

I think FreeBSD's ports system has merit; it is similar in function to our
package system, but (a) saves disk space by not distributing pre-compiled
binaries, and (b) obtains the source directly from the original location
(AFAIK). We could do something like this quite easily, if we wanted.
Our ports files consist of the .dsc and the .diff.gz; the .orig.tar.gz
is the upstream source to be FTPd. Then package building is easy.

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