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Re: Debian/GNU Freebsd

This seems to be a hot issue lately on the list.  I hope no one minds if I
add my 2 cents...

I don't see any point to this entire debate - FreeBSD is just another
kernel.  If people want to work on it, fine.  

But that doesn't seem to be the main point of this entire speal, the main
point seems to be Linux vs. FreeBSD.  I agree with what others have said
so eloquently - if Linux is deficient in some way to FreeBSD, then
identify what it is and it can be fixed.  I think that Linux has less
deficiencies than FreeBSD, personally - and I think that Linux programmers
are a bit more enthusiastic.  Debian is concerned with Linux, after all,

If a developer wants to work on FreeBSD for the sake of it being a BSD
rather than Linux, fine. Do so.  It will just add to the list of software 
- as long as the FreeBSD team doesn't mind.  

GNU is already doing Hurd as well as Linux, so what is wrong with a BSD?
Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that more of the conflict comes from
the fact that _Debian_ does Debian _Linux_, while _GNU_ is more varied. 
All GNU programmers work under the same principles, but they are not
necessarily Linux programmers.  "Debian" is Linux, whereas this would be
something else that would probably need is own listserv.

But let's not waste time splitting hairs (or the heads that they are 
attached to), we are here to write code.  That's what we do best, and that
is what we should focus most of our attention on - no matter how
interesting these "philosophical" discussions may be over which kernel is

Thanks for reading,

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