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Re: Nazi signature (was: Re: Debian Logo Contest)

On 18 Feb, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Please read the thread about the unfortunate drawing ESR placed on
> the OpenSource web page.  Comparing M$ with the Nazis belittles the
> cruelties the Nazis did to Jews, Sinti, Roma, damaged people etc.
> If you continue to use that .signature I'm going to add you as nr.
> 3 in my killfile.
> PS: Using your realname somewhere in your mail, From: or .sig would
> be kind btw.

  I now see your reasoning, and I understand.  I was in no way trying to
belittle the horrific events of WWII.  I apologise for any offense.

  Is this better?  By the way, I'm not Dale James Thompson, but he is 
my brother.
David Jeremiah Thompson					Use Debian GNU/Linux
Oklahoma State University				Go POKES!

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