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Re: Debian Archive

Farzad Farid wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > I have finally made available our archive of old debian releases. This
> > will be a permanent ever growing repository for old debian versions like
> > bo, rex and buzz. We will not be keeping binaries available forever, but
> > the source will stick around for some time. 
> Keeping the binaries would make it easier to bootstrap an old system. What
> if we can't build an old distribution with current tools? For example the
> 'bo' distribution was a.out, if I remember well, and support for compiling
> a.out binaries is going to disappear soon.

Please ask for them on the list and one of the readers will place a proper
cdrom in their drive and let you access ist.

Source is more important than binaries.  This is accompanied by the new
archive of old distributions.  if you need to access binaries, please
ask for them and there will be a way to access them.  If this is a real
request, write down my address, my ftp server has 3 cds mounted at the

>  Now we could imagine that this permanent repository could be used one day
> to provide support and patches to very old distributions, like some
> commercial vendors do. In this case it is essential to be able to boot and
> compile on such a distribution easily.
>  What do you think of this?




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