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Chris Waters wrote:
> Hello,
> As I think I've mentioned a couple of times before, we ALREADY HAVE A
> LOGO!  Maybe we want to change it, maybe we don't.  But in any case,
> unless things have changed while I wasn't looking, we don't have a
> LICENSE for the logo, old or new.

This will be resolved by the new logo as well since the logo team
has requested two logos, one official, which will only be used by
ourselves and one for liberal use which can be used elsewhere.  This
resolves our ongoing license problem.

However I don't believe that the "joiner" or artist should submit
two logos but we (=Debian) should modify her idea to create an official
and a liberal version out of it.

But I have to agree that a license for the *current* logo is of
higher priority.



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