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gnome-apt assistance needed!


I will be very busy on other things I can't get out of for the next few
months, and I hate to see gnome-apt languishing in the meantime. I've
taken the time to write up a list of relatively small and discrete tasks
that need to be done; some of these are non-GUI C++, others are Gtk/Gnome,
others are suitable for non-programmers.

If you're interested, check out the complete info on
http://www.debian.org/~hp/gnome-apt.html, where I have more details on
getting the program and on each task. Most of these can be done in an
evening or two; lots of small and fun projects. 

If you're interested and get some time, just send me a patch! I'm also
happy to explain further what anything involves and discuss
implementation. Such discussion should probably go to

Here's a summary, again see the web page for more info.

Gtk/Gnome Coding Tasks:

 + Search dialog
 + Enhance Details/Info Display ("gdeb")
 + Bug Report Wizard
 + Rewrite column-order prefs GUI
 + Session management
 + Enhance sources.list editor

Other Coding:

 + Search backend (store a search spec, compare it to each package)
 + Extend libapt-pkg to write /etc/apt/sources.list
 + Set up i18n in libapt-pkg
 + Determine which packages are "new" after an update
 + Import/Export Package List


 + Draw a gnome-apt application icon
 + Draw an icon for "Replaces" dependency
 + Draw missing menu icons
 + Translate gnome-apt into your language
 + Splash Screen
 + Update credits in the About box
 + Write documentation (online help files)



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