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Re: linux expo in NC, USA

In foo.debian-devel, you wrote:
> [snip] 
> people love it when you give them free CDs! :P
> maybe a little planning would allow for some nice sleeves to be designed
> for the CD sets and they could sport the new Debian logo!

I would guess that the logo cannot be voted on in time for LinuxExpo.
CDs are also a problem as the official release is not until the date
that the Expro starts.  If we can have a close-to-release version ready
several days _before_ March 2nd, then I can arrange for a burn of a
large batch (1000) of the 2 CD set to give out.

I don't have a burner locally, so anyone interested in helping this,
and who is able to 1-day mail the CDs when ready, should contact me
so that we can organize this.

Also, a Debian representative who can be responsible for receiving these
CDs and passing them out... please speak up.


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