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Re: linux expo in NC, USA

On Wed, Feb 17, 1999 at 04:45:43PM -0500, Shaleh wrote:
.Hey all, what are our plans for Linux Expo this year.  I should be able to go
.and would like to have some Debian people present.  Last year it
.was by, for, and about RH.
.There is a blurb on the registration page that states 10% off for groups over
.five.  If all interested Debian users would like to coordinate together and pay
.as one group, we can get a little help.
.All three days is $250 for non students and 125 for students.
.Debian is listed as being an exhibitor -- who is doing this?

whatever the case, let's make sure there are PLENTY of CDs! 

we were swamped with requests for CDs at ALS and were lucky that
the linux central folks donated the 150 three CD sets when they

people love it when you give them free CDs! :P

maybe a little planning would allow for some nice sleeves to be designed
for the CD sets and they could sport the new Debian logo!



"Many wear the emblems, but the devotees are few."

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