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Re: Thread-safe X11 libs? (fwd)

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Jorg Schuler wrote:
> I've got the same error while configuring. Before that error there's
> another saying it wants gtk or glib or something > 1.1.12 (if I
> remember correctly). After fixing this, the "thread-safe xlib error"
> disappeared as well. So I guess it's an error in the configure
> script... 

It isn't an error in the configure script; the problem is that -lX11
derives from the gtk-config script, found with AM_PATH_GTK, which defines 
GTK_LIBS, and if AM_PATH_GTK bombs then you get no -lX11. This would
result in the xlib check failing, with a message in config.log like
"Undefined reference to XInitThreads."

At least, that's what would happen if the configure script is remotely
normal. config.log should reveal the truth.


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