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Re: va.debian.org

On Tue, 16 February 1999 06:29:52 +0000, I wrote:
> > Oh, and can exim be set up to route all mail to xxx-whatever where
> > .forward-whatever doesn't really exist through the plain .forward?
> I like to say yes, but I do not know right now.
> I think this is doable. There was a slight hack that made Exim
> and / or procmail aware of the sendmail-like user-usenet@ or
> something. It may be used for that.

Is this wanted?

> Ah, I just found it and attached two mails on that. Someone may
> want to ask this on the debian lists and I am sure some will
> answer.

I meant the Exim list. I may be persuaded to have a look at it
if some people would clearly state how much they need it.


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