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Hi all,

Recently we have upgraded va.debian.org to slink. This machine is
available to all developers for compiling packages and what not. Most of
you know it acts as www.debian.org and is the customary place to put
project-related web directories.

In the past  the machine was not terribly usefull due to the extreme load
gnome-cvs placed on it. We no longer host gnome-cvs so the machine is now
mostly idle - and has a chunk of disk space.

We have also purged qmail from the machine and converted it to Exim.
Hopefully none of you will have been effected by this change over, but it
is worth investigating if you recive any mail there.

In future we hope to move master to Exim as well. At this time I am not
asking anyone to start building .forward files but I would like to know of
anyone with 'special needs'.

Debian Admin

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