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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for February 16, 1999

On Tuesday 16 February 1999, at 9 h 7, the keyboard of "Marcelo E. Magallon" 
<mmagallo@efis.ucr.ac.cr> wrote:

> > Since asclock is not in the master list, it's not a real problem for the
> > boot-floppies package.
> Uh? What's the master list?

It's the list of pre-defined set of packages to install. When you install a 
hamm or slink box, you can choose the list of tasks you want to perform with. 
Each task is a set of packages. Even simpler, you can choose just a profile 
like "Workstation Std" and the package which have been defined in the master 
file will be selected.

This mechanism was choosen in hamm because it became impossible to select the 
package with dselect: they are too many.

The master file is part of the boot-floppies package. Bug reports should be 
directed to this package.

> I got a bug because asclock conflicts with afterstep and both packages are
> installed by the "Workstation Std" configuration.  

It is very strange because, I repeat, the asclock package appears nowhere in the master file:

ezili:~/Debian-CVS/boot-floppies/scripts/basedisks/master2files> grep clock master
xarclock: Tasks: X_comp,  Profiles: Admin, Dialup, Work_sci, Work_std, 
xdaliclock: Tasks: X_comp,  Profiles: Admin, Dialup, Work_sci, Work_std, 

Ian, which version of boot-floppies did you use?

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