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Re: smail configuration in exim?

On Mon, Feb 15, 1999 at 03:57:21PM +0100, Debian Mail wrote:
> > How is your multihome setup done on smail? I had one where I wanted
> > different alias files per domain; it meant having a separate set of
> > smail config files for each domain and getting the master to pipe
> > to other smails etc. Very messy.
> I followed /usr/doc/smail/README.multihomed.gz
> The configuration files for every virtual domain are kept in a folder called
> /etc/smail/multihome/<virtual.domain>
> I don't find it very messy. Since I have 13 virtual e-mail domains, it would
> be more convenient if I could keep the setup I already have.

I don't think that is possible. exim works similarly (routers, transports,
directors) but the configuration is not compatible. I thought I was
attached to my complicated smail setup too, but exim is really much nicer.
I find the smail multihome setup to be one of the nastier hacks I've used

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