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Re: soliciting opinions about potential new cron/at features.

Well, I was thinking of efficiency.  If you have say 50 users all
using this mechanism who are doing nothing but processing automatic
transactions once a day, then it makes more sense to me to handle that
with one process rather than starting 50 separate processes all at the
same time every day.

As far as tracking stocks goes, wouldn't that job be better handled by
its own special daemon, which runs in the background and wakes up every
five minutes rather than starting a new process every 5 minutes.

Fetchmail is a good example here.  There's a good reason why it can be
run in daemon mode.  It is better than requiring the user to have a
crontab entry that calls fetchmail every so often to do the same job.

Note that I'm not necessarily opposed to the modifications to cron.  I'm
simply pointing out how some of the other programs the we package have
dealt with the similar problems.


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