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Re: It's Time to Release

>  >For the next 7 days, now installs will be greatly restricted.  If it
>  >doesn't fix a critical or grave bug, it doesn't go in.  If it does
>  >anything _but_ fix a critical or grave bug, it may be rejected anyway.
>  >Fixes to important bugs <33000 will be considered for installation,
>  >but not any later ones.
> What do you think about the fix to the /etc/mailcap security bug in the
> last mutt release? The same bug has been reported on bugtraq about PINE.
> The author asked me to package it for frozen.

My understanding of that bug is that it involves having back-tick
expressions within the mailcap commands.  That needs to be addressed
by whatever packages installed those rules.

Since only root can install into the global rule list, I don't see
this are a real problem.  Please let me know if I don't understand
something about this.

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