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Re: Gnome to be removed from debian?

Great, you leave for two days and you are welcomed by another huge
thread.. :(

Anyway, I have a couple of comments based on what I've read so far: the
major issue people have is that upgrading one bit of GNOME can
mysteriously break seemingly unrelated others bits of GNOME, due to the
horribly complex dependencies and not-always-changes-sonames.

We also know why this happens: GNOME is still in alpha-stage.
Developments happens horribly fast and what works today will very likely
do something different in the near future. If you take a single snapshot
though and stick with that you have no problems. For example take GNOME
0.30 in slink, which works great for me.

Now we look at unstable, where we currently seem to have bits and pieces
of 0.30, 0.99.x all thrown together. Of course we don't call it unstable
for nothing. On the other hand the result seems to fall in the category
of packages which are so unstable they should not be in main (policy,
section 2.1.3)

I think there are two possible solutions to this problem:
* fool around with the mess of dependencies and conflicts to prevent
  things from breaking. (this seems to take so much work it is probably
  not worth the effort)
* we tell our users to stop complaining and tell them to stick with
  stable or accept the mess (no way we'll get away with that)
* make sure that we only have GNOME (and related) packages in the
  distribution which work together and put the other packages that break
  things somewhere else.

Now if I remember things correctly Jim Pick and a group of other people
were working on something called the Debian Snapshot Project. The name
suggests that it might be just the way to implement the third solution
mentioned above.. can someone who knows more about the status of that
project tell us something more about it?


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