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sendmail issues (was: Re: cron has gone to UTC time?)

Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:

> > This means that during a timezones upgrade, there is a window when the  
> > system is running under UTC. During a mass upgrade, this window can be  
> > fairly long.
> Ahhh!!! 

I recently had a similiar problem[1] when updating some packages.  One
of them was sendmail, in the window between unpacking the sendmail
package and configuring it the suid bit was missing.  Unfortunately,
my UUCP system thought it would like to send some mails using rmail
and, I don't know why, the error handling of uuxqt (checking the error
code of rmail) was not working correctly ...

I lost about 300 mails from some mailing list,


BTW: I will never again let apt update the communication related
packages while beeing online.

[1]  time window between unpacking and configuring

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