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Re: New imlib packages -- please test

Ossama Othman <othman@cs.wustl.edu> writes:

> I uploaded the imlib 1.9.3 (a new upstream CVS release) packages to my
> Debian web site.  These packages seem to work with Andreas' libgtkimreg
> package which is what was holding back an upload to master.  Andreas' test
> program still segfaults but I don't believe this to be a problem with the
> imlib packages since Raster's test program works.  The problem seems to
> lie in glib since that is where the segfault occurs.

> Andreas, could you please let me know if you I have your blessing? :)

> Anyone who has the time or intersest please test the packages.  If all
> goes well, I'll upload the new set of imlib packages to master.

> The packages are at:

> 	http://www.debian.org/~ossama/imlib

It's broken on non-intel architectures, the following patch should fix


--- imlib-1.9.3/ltconfig.orig	Sat Feb 13 16:40:43 1999
+++ imlib-1.9.3/ltconfig	Sat Feb 13 16:40:55 1999
@@ -1658,7 +1658,7 @@
   finish_cmds='PATH="\$PATH:/sbin" ldconfig -n $libdir'
-  check_shared_deplibs_method='file_magic ELF 32-bit LSB shared object'
+  check_shared_deplibs_method='file_magic ELF 32-bit [ML]SB shared object'
   sys_lib_search_path="/lib /usr/lib /usr/local/lib `echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH | sed -e 's/:/ /g'`"
   if test -f /lib/ld.so.1; then

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