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Re: PROPOSAL: gtk-gnome coordination team

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999, Jules Bean wrote:
> The proposed solution:
> A new mailing list, debian-gtk-gnome, which coordinates
> releases. All
> maintainers of packages linking to gtk or gnome libraries would be
> encouraged to subscribe to this list.

An additional or alternative proposal: a more comprehensive mailing list,
debian-desktop, which coordinates the desktop as a whole. This could
include making the libraries work right, but it would also be on-topic to
discuss how various apps interoperate; making sure the desktop defaults
are nice; making sure the core Gnome apps (panel, gmc) are always working;
talk about extending the menu system to handle large icons (for example); 
talk about making documentation easy to access; organizing theme
packaging; designing an easy way to install all vital desktop components
automatically; deciding which packages are vital components; etc.

"GUI theoreticians" a la gnome-gui-list are explicitly off-topic. ;-)
Practical proposals only.


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