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Re: PROPOSAL: gtk-gnome coordination team

On Sun, Feb 14, 1999 at 11:53:06AM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:

> If the proposal will be accepted please don't forget to include
> the ImLib library in it!!

I hope noone is reading this as 'whatever gnome needs'.  When discussed on
IRC, I actually meant _every_ single gtk+ 1.1 app.  As I see this, the
source of all this problems is that libgtk1.1 is a rapidly moving target,
and it's very difficul for developers to keep recompiling packages everytime
a new libgtk1.1 is released.

What I think *might* work:

 * Set up an autobuild queue that recompiles everything everytime a new
   libgtk1.1 is released (or when Ben says things have to be recompiled --
   some releases won't require a recompile at all)

 * Release the autobuilded packages as NMU's.  For example, the maintainer
   of foo commits foo_2.7182-1 and that gets builded against libgtk1.1
   1.1.74-2;  Ben releases a new libgtk1.1 1.1.75-1, and he knows a
   recompile is required.  The autobuild system recompiles foo and releases

 * The autobuild system submits bugs when recompile fails.  In the example
   above, it submits a wishlist bug against foo 2.7182-1.  The severity of
   the bug is subject to discussion, but IMO, it should be wishlist.  We
   can't ask our developers to become the upstream maintainers, too.

Since most of the changes in libgtk1.1 have some gnome background, I think
the gnome packages could be handled in a special way (i.e., don't autobuild
them at all, or build them only when Jim requests it)

And I'll shut up now ... I don't even maintain gtk+ packges anymore.


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