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Re: Gnome to be removed from debian?


> Aside from making sure all the packaging is coordinated and done in a
> timely manner, this team could work on the "Debian Default Desktop," i.e. 
> making sure the user can easily install all the needed packages and gets a
> nice user-friendly experience when they log on to the Gnome desktop. For
> example, you might integrate Debian documentation into the Gnome help
> system.  

A "Debian Default Destop" is a great idea, IMO.

> How about a mailing list for this? It would be for coordination and
> planning among Gtk/Gnome application and library packagers. It would be
> helpful to me working on gnome-apt, and I think I could be helpful to
> packagers since I track upstream fairly closely and wrote some of the
> stuff.

This seems like a good idea, too.  How would we go about getting another
mailing list started?  Who is our listmaster?

I really believe that a Debian GNOME development team would help with all
of the current GNOME on Debian problems and would further enhance GNOME on
Debian progress.  Let's get moving on creating the team.

Ossama Othman <othman@cs.wustl.edu>
58 60 1A E8 7A 66 F4 44  74 9F 3C D4 EF BF 35 88  1024/8A04D15D 1998/08/26

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