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RE: Gnome to be removed from debian?

On 12-Feb-99 Adam Heath wrote:
> Let's face it.  Gnome sucks.  I don't know if I can count how many gnome
> versions we have in slink/potato.  And then we have libaries that depend on
> gnome, and if a program depends on these secondary libraries, then you have
> to
> try and diddle around just to get it to compile.

a) its not just GNOME, GTK+ is part of the same hassle.  So we would have to
stop supporting GTK+ apps nearly entirely.

b) Most of GNOME is controlled by Red Hat, so no, they wont give a flying flip
if we drop it -- see the KDE thing.

We were branded as idiots and people going against progress.  People are still
whining that we do not have Xfree 3.3.3 packaged.

This "have to be bleeding edge" thing is getting old.

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